Zeus, wait wrong Demigod

Name: Asura, Buddha of War (by some fans)

Origin: Asura's Wrath

Classification: Demigod

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (definitely above 12 000 years old)

Powers and Abilities: Massive superhuman strength, durability, endurance, speed, agility, flight, able to ignore any non lethal wounds, regeneration, immortality, able to use wrath and mantra to perform certain transformations, can use mantra as a form of energy blasts, can survive in space

Weaknesses: His extreme anger and aggression

Destructive Capability: Planet level (managed to beat Wyzen in his Gongen Form, who was larger than the Earth itself with raw physical power, destroyed a whole Shinkoku armada with Septentrion-class Mizar ships and chalenge the Brahmastra directly, which was stated to have the power to decimate the planet)

Strength: Immeasurable (capable of punching skyscraper sized enemies into space at high velocities, overpowered an enemy larger than the Earth and destroyed him with a barrage of punches, destroyed the "will of the planet" by punching it...literally)

Range: Human melee range, up to planetary diameters with mantra blasts

Durability: Atleast planet Level (survived a enormously powerful mantra blast from the Brahmastra, which was stated to have the power to decimate the planet, and suvived and even defeated the "will of the planet")

Speed: Massively hypersonic reaction speed and speed via powerscaling (caught a blade moving at mach- 80 000, and based on his sparing partner speed based feats he should also be around the same speed)

Stamina: Masively superhuman

Intelligence: Average, skilled combatant

Standard Equipment: His four extra limbs

Notable Attacks/ Techniques:Edit

Six Armed Vajra Asura

Six Armed Vajra Transformation

Six Armed Vajra Transformation: Asura grows four extra arms giving him a grand total of six arms, massively increasing his strength and ferosity and rate of his punches. In this form he can defeat planetary sized enemies with raw physical power.

Berserker Form Asura

Berserker Transformation

Berserker Tranformation: Asura is transformed inta a feral, golden-coated monstrosity armed with razor-sharp claws, unlike his usual transformation, Asura's signature extra arms manifests as massive, phantom limbs made of concentrated Mantra generated from the portals on his back. The arms , including Asura himself, are capable of releasing inconceivable volumes of Mantra (comparable to the Brahmastra, which again is stated to have the power to decimate the planet). However the sheer intensity of such power proved detrimental to Asura's physical well-being and was never seen again in that form, although it should be noted that Asura displayed he still retained the ability to generate the larger Mantra arms even after the fact.

Wrath Form Asura

Wrath Transformation

Wrath Transformation: After Asura had lost his Mantra arms he turned black. In this form he was able to defeat Surgei easily and fight on par with Yasha. In this form his body was being destroyed by the wrath eating away at him.

Mantra Asura

Mantra Transformation

Mantra Transformation: In this form Asura's wrath was at its most focused , harnessing the excess Mantra into power and increasing the size of his arms to hulking, armored proportions, these arms posses the strength of a thousand arms and can vent jets of Mantra for increased maneuverabilty and striking power. In this form he was able to destroy the "will of the planet", Gohma Vlitra, along with the Vlitra Core.

Megaton Punch: Quite literally, as he punches through Wyzen's own Megaton Punch so hard, he punches him into outer space.

Mantra Blasts: Asura launches Mantra Blasts, they vary in size and intensity at worst they can easily destroy Shinkoku ships, at best they can destroy the "will of the planet."

Flight: Can fly at high velocities using Mantra.