King Bradley

Better than the Sharingan

Name: King Bradley, Pride, Wrath, Wrath the Furious, The Ultimate Eye

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Classification: Homunculus Head of State

Gender: Male

Age: 60

Powers and Abilities: Precognition, superhuman strength, durability, endurance, speed, agility, regeneration, extremely skilled swordsman and battle tactician

Weakneses: Old age (not that it really matters), his eye can't see through opaque objects

Destructive Capability: Small building level

Strength: Superhuman (can casually cut steel, and destroy walls with klicks)

Range: Melee range (further if he throws his knives)

Durability: Small building level via powerscaling

Stamina: Superhuman

Intelligence: Able to run a country for decades, is an expert martial artist and is very skiled with many weapons

Standard Equipment: Four swords and an eye patch

Notable Attacks/ TechniquesEdit

Ultimate Eye: The Ultimate Eye, which he conceals with his distinctive eye patch, grants him tremendously accurate vision and the ability to read and perdict practically any move his opponent could make as well as the minute details and movements of his general surroundings, can also see anything including differences in the air. The eye's only weakness is that when there is a physical obstacle blocking its path, it is unable to provide him with predictions it normally would.

Swordsmanship: A formidable opponent in battle, Bradley strongly favors using swords, which he wields with deadly proficiency thanks to his unique gifts and lifetime of training, to the point where he can wield-five blades simultaneously, already a supreme swordsman and martial artist, he is made even more dangerous thanks to the Ultimate Eye.